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Alaska hAKathon Project Pitches

Some potential projects for the Hackathon on Oct.17-19th.

Code for Anchorage meets every other Tuesday at The Boardroom from 5:30-7pm. Next meeting is Oct. 28th. More info

Anchorage Flu Shot Finder app based on Chicago’s flu shot app and using this code base to start.
Possible tasks

  1. Get Flu Shot information for Anchorage including one off events, like the drive through flu shot.
  2. Set up a Google Fusions Table similar to the one used for Chicago.
  3. Get Google Maps API
  4. Think about ways to have flu shot providers able to update the data.
  5. Deploy the app to Heroku? (PHP)
  6. Test the app
  7. Think about outreach to advertise the app.
  8. Celebrate

Jury Duty Text notifier – work with Twilio to create an app that you text in your jury duty group number and it calls after 5pm and listens to the voice message and transcribes it and sends you a text message with the groups called, or possibly only if your group was called.

@CutePetsANC – A twitter bot that is live now and grabs random pets from Friends of Pets and tweets about adoptable pets.

Possible tasks

  1. Changing to post pets from multiple pet shelters, just posts from one currently.
  2. Crop and size pet photos consistently.
  3. Add hashtags for breeds etc.
  4. Outreach ideas.

Voter Reminder and Polling Location Look Up via Text – Ability to send your address to a number and get your closest polling place or the closest place to where you are currently at. Using Twilio and Google Civic Information API. It would also send reminders for early voting, absentee voting and day of election voting. And have 20 numbers for 20 different languages.

Trailsy  – An app to view the trail data around Anchorage. A rough beta is up based on a Summit County, Ohio app.

Possible tasks

  1. Clean up data
  2. Improve app



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