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State of Our City Forum – Summary

I was lucky enough to be one of 8 speakers giving an 8 minute talk at the Anchorage Federation of Community Councils  “State of Our City Forum

Here is a summary of the talk on Civic Hacking and Open Data and the links I mentioned from Code for Anchorage and myself. Some of the apps are redeployed from the very generous and awesome Code for America Come to a meet up, everyone is welcome. Every other Tuesday at The Boardroom 5:30-7:30pm: Hack Night

1.) I used the Anchorage Muni GIS information on Community Councils to feed into Click that Hood, a fun game to learn geography. I’ve added Anchorage, Fairbanks, Alaska Native Languages, and the Iditarod trail.




2.) Trail data – Code for Anchorage has been doing a lot of work on trail data. Check out this mobile browser viewer that works on a smartphone but can take a while to download the trail data. Try clicking on a trail to see info about the trail like activities and lighting.

And check out trail-hunter which is in beta:

And the iPhone Find Yourself in Kincaid app by Mike Brook using Code for Anchorage trail data was just released in the app store.


3.) @CutePetsANC is a twitter feed of adoptable pets:

4.) Balance is an app to text your SNAP (QUEST) EBT# to a phone number and get your balance texted back to you in 1-2 minutes.

We need people to help translate this into other languages, so contact me if you or someone you know could help.


4.) Bus data from People Mover was cleaned up and processed and put into Google Maps.

5.) A flu shot locator (in beta)




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