Biomimicry, Renewable Energy and Evolutionary Computation

Storing Energy

Alaska has vast renewable energy resources, but doesn’t always have populations that live close to that resource or inter-ties to the resources. The Aleutian islands for example have a ton of wind and potential geothermal energy. If there was a way to store that energy in say zinc pellets or beam down to the lower 48 via microwave, both of these are not real examples, then Alaska could provide a lot of energy to the rest of the US. Another possibility is to provide some sort of value-added process to raw materials. This is possible with fish processing.  When I visited Iceland in 2007, they had Alcoa on a 30 year contract for cheap electricity that was a fixed cost for the 30 years. This example of storing compressed air for later use might be useful for the wind energy in some rural communities. Hopefully there will be some break through in energy storage and transport in the next 5 years. This would also allow energy to be created at a distance from cities which might lower the economic and environmental impacts.

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