Biomimicry, Renewable Energy and Evolutionary Computation

Undergraduate Research Grant Links – GAs and GPUs

I work with GPUs and  Genetic Algorithms to evolve wavelets to improve image compression for NASA Mars rover images and other images.

The best introduction to GAs is this web app,  boxcard2d that evolves cars to ride over terrain.

GPU acceleration leverages Graphical Processing Units to accelerate scientific computation. It works very well for Genetic Algorithms where you are calculating the fitness function over and over.  I use Jacket which accelerates Matlab code using CUDA.

I took a class at UAA on Genetic Algorithms, and also on GPUs inthe  CS Computer Architecture course. I also received a lot of support from UAA in grants and mentoring.

Coolest AI project I have recently found

Recently published papers: CT97-CEC (2) MER26-CEC (4)

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